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The Great Shipping Car Debate

For those of you who are traveling a few hundred or even thousands of miles for the Disney College program, you’re faced with a iffy situation.

“And..How will I get there?”

There are tons of alternatives all depending on your location, current financial situation, and what just seems easiest to you.

For me, I own a beautiful Honda named Atticus that’s a Hybrid but guess what? It’s terrible with distance. The poor thing will not last from NC to CA, but that’s alright because you can just ship it! Yes, i’ve spent the past 4 days looking up some companies and i’ll show and save you some time, sleep, and ibuprofen tablets.

For starters, there are more bad car shipping companies than good ones. The main ones i’ll focus on is AmeriFreight, Ship A Car Direct, and Executive Auto Shippers. I’ll then add a list of companies that I would suggest avoiding or being careful with your information.


MC#: 597401

Address:  East: 417 Dividend Drive, Suite D, Peachtree City, GA 30269

Angie’s List: “Super Service Award”

Google: 4.8 Star Review out of 571

Yelp: 3.5 Star out of 34 reviews

BBB(Better Business Bureau): Accredited since 08’ with 4.5 Star A- rating out of 139 reviews (135 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) (note: high volume of ratings due to $50 refund for giving feedback) Read More Here:

Despite this, the company is still favorable in terms of consistency with price, travel time, maturity, and customer service.


-Military/Student discounts (DCP Counts) and others

-Shipping “door to door” pending accessibility of the pickup and destination locations

-No personal items/ Equipment, but can try to negotiate personal items depending on weight (will raise your quote)

-No deposit/fees until a carrier has been assigned to customer’s order (but no refunds)

-Economy Saver Rate (ESR) (does not consider remote/congested areas) 1-7 days (according to website)

-Website contains videos that explain the whole process of getting your car to the destination


Ship a Car Direct:

MC#: 632461

Address: 150 Murray St Unit 224 Niwot, CO 80544-3007

Google: 4.9 Star rating out of 64

Yelp: 4 Star out of 83 reviews

BBB: Accredited since 13’ with 4.6 star A+ rating, 18 reviews (13 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)


-Pre-Screened Carrier with 100% Damage free guarantee*

-No “Terminal to Terminal” meaning they’ll have same carrier pick up/ drop off car

-“Door to Door” Auto transportation

-100% insured, licensed, and bonded

-No payment until driver is assigned

-Strictly no items in car

-Website is more straight forward and realistic about what to expect when shipping your car

*”The bill of lading is the report that the driver will fill out on pickup, denoting if there is any pre-existing damage. Any damage that occurs in transit must be entered on this report on delivery. Failure to do so could seriously hinder your damage claim..”

Of course these two companies aren’t perfect, but oh my goodness it’s the closest i’ve gotten considering the many bad things that could happen.

Speaking of bad, let me go ahead and save you the time with some places you migghhtt want to avoid.

Auto Transport 1-2-3 (yelp: 2 star)

Dynamic Auto Movers LLC  (yelp: 2.5 star)

Worldwide Shipping Company: They will send you email after email after email, then call and call and  call, I do not believe they are actually a legit company either.

Please Note: When you are searching for a company you even have to RESEARCH THE REVIEW WEBSITE. I cannot stress this enough. There is a issue going on especially with car shipping and reputable websites. If there are over a thousand reviews for a website you never even freaking heard of with 5 stars, look at each individual review, the people, everything. Here’s one that I found:

This article will also help with spotting the signs:

This will hopefully help you get a head start on your search to get your car to your destination safely. As for me, i’ll be trying one of these companies out and write an update on the experience.



“It’s been a minute.”

I think I’ve come to realize there’s a pattern in my writing, as I do more things and learn from my mistakes. Its only been one school semester, but I’ve definitely learned more about time management than I ever have, because I have one of those complicated feelings described as “wow time has gone by fast and a lot has happened, yet when looking back I feel I could have done more, or other things differently.” But I feel I have accomplished something I am very excited to share about. I have been accepted to the notorious Disney College Program! I am so excited, yet terribly nervous at the same time. This experience I already treasure though I haven’t even been able to do yet. I had originally requested the Spring term, which usually lasts until early/mid summer but was picked to do Spring Advantage which is longer by a few weeks making my dates January 10th through to August 6th. I was accepted into the Disneyland Resort vs. Disney World , so I am placed in their only housing unit, Carnegie Plaza. I wasn’t able to find roommates in time for registration, but hopefully Disney chooses some great people for me to meet. I am a very graciously open minded person, I just hope they are too
…and clean. 🙂


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Kylie Jenner, and youth.

Two things are happening right now.

Kylie Jenner- The famous #kyliejennerchallenge has been storming the internet all week. What’s the challenge? People have been using shot glasses, bottles, or anything else their lips can fit into- sucks out of it, and it creates the famous pout that the 17 year old has been gaining popularity on for quite sometime now. As you would imagine, this can cause excessive bruising around the lip area and has even busted one unlucky girl’s lips when she tried it using a sprite bottle.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev- The trial for this guy is going on, right now. This is the then 19 year old who killed 3 people and injured another 260 innocent Boston marathon runners. He has been convicted guilty for 30 counts, but now the big question remains- death or life? With Massachusetts historically being against the death penalty- does that mean he has gotten away with it? According to NBC news, this is what the polls are saying-

67%Republicans;38% Democrats- For Death

47%Americans for death;42% for life

46% of Americans say it will be very or somewhat likely there will be another terrorist attack on American soil, with only 12% saying “not at all likely”.

I am not one for the death penalty, but I am also not one for enduring future terrorist attacks. The only thing I see if the jury were to sentence him to life would be that Tsarnaev would be in prison for life- but this would be a huge terrorist win. Think of all the people planning to do terror in the U.S. watching this trial right now- what does life in prison say to them?

Youth- my peers, our future. If our main concern today is sucking on a cup to make our lips look bigger instead of this case that could ultimately affect the fate of this Country and our safety then.. I hope that we may be able to open our eyes before all that we have taken for granted is gone.


Taking a vacation- when you don’t have your crap together.

I had recently won the chance to stay in Orlando Florida, for a week, for what I originally had thought was for free. I found out there was a plethora of fees- but that it would all be covered by a scholarship which I am forever thankful about but there’s a small issue..

I have no type of “vacation” money. The group that is going with me planned all sorts of things- making the price tag for the week $700.. To be with people I barely even know.

I came to the conclusion that I do not want to do anything but spend money on food, but my supervisor doesn’t want me alone in a 4 star famous delightful hotel where there’s perfectly everything I need without leaving place. Additionally, I only have $300. My reservation fee for college is due May 1st and it is also a hefty $300. Yikes.

I have been spinning in a chair hoping for an answer to come to mind. Some sort of solution- I guess I should be spinning some more.

Stepping from normality.

I could barely get up this morning, but I had to do this. Unlike the past few weeks of going to work miserable, today was different. I had always told myself the money would be worth it but, I soon realized that isn’t the case. I had arrived to work late, in casual clothing instead of the usual business attire (to push myself to do it) and remained as calm as possible to my desk. I tried to sort through the mess of papers in my bag, almost as mixed up as the thoughts in my head. I looked over to my trainer/manager and told her I couldn’t do it anymore. People typically do not show up and text that they will not be returning but I couldn’t do it this time. It isn’t right. Afterwards, I pushed the door open and took a deep breath. There would be no more days of 8am to 6pm, constantly trying to sell and make appointments. It just isn’t me. There’s got to be more to life- right? Or at least working these hours doing something I really enjoy that is closer to my major of favor- right?

If you couldn’t tell, I am having a hard time finding myself right now (Typical 18 year old-yes). But I plan on writing about it until I do. I want to document this, and figure out the “more to life” that I am looking for. After years of following others, i’m ready to step on a limb for myself.

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